What’s wrong with namecheckers?

Branding tools

Green doesn’t mean “found”, it means “you can buy this domain.” And .online is always blue, cause it’s promoted
InstantUsername highlights what’s free, not what’s taken

Quantity and quality

snoop HTML report
Sorting of results by category in WhatsMyName.app

False positives

Censorship and Cloudflare

“Suddenly” some sites block access by country IP
Sometimes namechecking is not possible due to Cloudflare

Up-to-date sites database

Meanwhile, requests to add sites to sherlock hang for six months

Identifiers and cross-references

Use of various identifiers by Yandex services (https://t.me/HowToFind/127)

So what?

  • maximum sites to check: some tools already have 1K sites, it makes no sense to aim at a smaller number;
  • no false results: an existing account must be found or there must be an obvious error;
  • the database of sites is promptly updated: for example, every time the tool is launched, updates are pulled from the cloud;
  • readable report with ranking and categories: at least CSV/HTML + separation by country and purpose of sites;
  • customization: simple addition of your own categories and sites;
  • reliability of verification methods: the tool should not fail and be able to detect stubs with protection, authorization, captchas, and specific redirects with censorship of the provider or the site itself;
  • the possibility of massive checking on the list of nicknames: we did not discuss this, but everything is obvious here.
  • extracting links to other accounts from the page and searching them: the tool can unravel a complex tangle of related names and find all other target’s nicknames;
  • automatic use of suitable proxies to bypass restrictions: there are ready-made collecting and filtering tools;
  • screenshots of pages or saving to a web archive: very important for operational searches, when after a couple of hours the account can be closed/deleted.






Make OSINT tools. https://github.com/soxoj

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Make OSINT tools. https://github.com/soxoj

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